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Showing 33–48 of 57 results

Welcome to the Processors section, where you can browse the newest and best CPUs from renowned manufacturers like Intel and AMD. The brain of any computer system, the processor executes commands and does calculations, making it a crucial part of any contemporary computing setup.

We provide a broad selection of Gaming, HEDT and Server processors, to meet the needs of various user types. We offer the ideal CPU whether you’re constructing a powerful gaming rig, a workstation for creating content, or a low-cost PC for regular usage.

The most recent 13th Generation Intel Core processors, which offer unparalleled performance and efficiency, are part of our selection of Intel processors. Because of their fast clock speeds, ability to support many threads, and built-in graphics, these CPUs are excellent for gaming, content creation, and multitasking.

We also have a selection of AMD Ryzen processors if you’re seeking for a strong and reasonably priced processor. These processors are renowned for their outstanding multi-core performance and are ideal for taxing applications like 3D rendering and video editing.

In our store, you can also find a variety of motherboards, coolers, and other components that are compatible with your processor, ensuring that it operates at peak efficiency. We give a pricing since we are committed to giving our clients high-quality products at reasonable costs.